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    I’ve found a Munzee. I had no idea what they were, and even after some internet surfing I can’t say I’m much wiser. The thing itself is just a sticker with a QR code on it, so there’s no log to sign. The give away was that on the outer edge of the sticker I could see the word Munzee.

    It would appear that there is a Munzee website and you use your phone with a QR reader to capture the code and that reads the information which confirms you are at the co-ordinates required and your ‘find’ is logged. I fail to see how they work in conjunction with the geocaching website. Do I log a find based on the fact that I found a square sticker with no logbook proof that I was actually there? How have other cachers managed, as there are no DNF’s for this cache which was listed on 1st of August and has 27 finds so far. Unless I’ve yet to realise there’s more to it I don’t think that it’s something which should have found it’s way onto the geocaching website in the first place.

    So, has anyone else come across these and can you shed any light on it all for me?

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    As far as I am aware, Munzees and geocaching are completely different games and are in competition with each other. I believe that won’t even allow the word Munzee on any of their cache listings. There even seemed to be a problem using the word on their forums.

    As you correctly say Munzees use QR codes which are appearing on everything these days – almost everything you buy seems to have one on it. There should be no overlap as far as is concerned. Every geocache MUST have a cache (except earth caches, etc) and finding a QR code is NOT finding the cache and cannot be logged until you find the cache and sign the logbook.

    The real confusion seems to be that many cache sites also have Munzees associated with them. You log the Munzee by scanning it but this is nothing to do with the cache. A good example of this is Log Ness Monster where there is a Munzee on the fence. Unfortunately Munzees often give away the cache hide.


    Thanks Dave. I shall contact the cache owner and check with them just in case I’ve missed something.


    Seems I did miss the real cache. The cache owner has told me what I should have been looking for. It still seems odd that the Munzee would appear in the same place but I don’t think I’ll be signing up to that site to find out more.

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    Not just *a* QR reader, but the Munzee app. That both registers the munzee, and also the location via the phone’s gps to ensure you’re not cheating.

    It’s similar in that there’s a map showing you where the things are and you have to search for them, but… That’s about it.

    I had the app but never did one. My phone is a work issued one, and it stays off when I’m not working. If it’s on, I get work texts or calls and boom, there goes my day-off mood. I carry it for emergencies only when walking.

    When I did try it, a couple of times, it was a lot of faff and I never succeeded. Firstly my phone takes ages to start (8 minutes if from cold, at least 2 from standby), and if I had it on anyway, both times I tried (once on the CCC trail) I had no data signal and I wasted about ten minutes trying to get it working.

    So not for me. I don’t have a problem with the things, and they’re not so common they’re intrusive in any way. Just not a game I care to play.


    Does that mean if one has been placed where there is no phone signal no one will be able to log it?

    Tamerton Chocolates

    You ‘log’ munzees with your smartphone running the munzee app. It records both the QR code & your location and checks with the munzee server (american I think) that you are in the exact location for that munzee. A recent addition is that this check can be ‘queued’ so you can scan & record the munzee and then ‘log’ it when you get back in reception.

    Each munzee is worth points, sometimes you get double points, some munzees give varied amount of points etc. Also the person that owns the munzee gets points each time it is scanned by someone.

    You can print a munzee and stick it where ever you want. No reviewers, no minimum distance, nothing.

    I tried it for a while as in theory it seems like a good game, but I got bored with it quickly.

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