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    I have a Garmin Oregon 400T that won’t connect to my PC. I’ve changed the leads, changed USB ports, re-installed the driver software and the Garmin software, but I still keep getting this message ‘New hardware has malfunctioned and is not recognised’. I thought I could be clever and take out the SD card and download straight onto that – I can but it’s not showing up on the Garmin. It’s been ‘difficult’ for a while -sometimes showing up as plugged in to the PC, sometimes not……but then I had an accident on Sunday. Was searching for a cache on a cliff (as you do), Garmin fell out of pocket and bounced off several rocks before landing in a rockpool, totally apart. SD card wasn’t wet, dried batteries off, put it all back together and it works lovely…but it has exacerbated the connection to PC problem. It is out of warranty and I’ve been waiting for Garmin support to get back to me since Sun night.
    I would be very grateful for any suggestions to either fixing the problem or finding a way around it. Thank you!

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    I’ve had a few problems with my oregons, but eventually they were traced to a bad cable.

    After such an accident I really wouldn’t be too hopeful. Time for a new one?

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    Garmin are very good about replacing damaged or non-working gps units at a reduction of the price one would pay for a new one.


    Thank you both for your replies. The discount thing got me thinking (Garmin not on the phone over the weekend and I am impatient!) and looking into other avenues as well and i’ve just ordered a new Oregon with a 20% discount from Cotswold Outdoors because I’m a scout leader, so thanks for the tip!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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