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    I’ve posted on other sites about which GPS to get as I want to get a better gps than the one I currently have. The problem is there are so many opinions about which is the best that it becomes confusing. To keep this simple would everyone reply to this post as follows please:

    1. Gps they own
    2. Overall mark out of 10.
    3. Quality of maps out of 10.
    4. Have they used it abroad if so were the maps worse or the same.
    5. Do they use windows or Mac?

    I use mac. Part of my upgrade is because there are issues with the magellan xplorist and mac.


    Avatar photoGoldenHaystack

    1. Garmin GPSmap 76CSx, now 4yrs old and having found 2000+ caches.
    2. My rating 8/10. Excellent, easy to use and accurate GPSr with a clear screen and good battery life. Waterproof to 1 meter for about 5 mins.
    3. Again 8/10. I have OSM loaded which is adequate and clear on screen. I have been unable to load Ordnance Survey maps but always carry them with a couple of compasses.
    4. No.
    5. I have windows on my PC and for the best results use EasyGPS to load caches to the GPSr. Loading caches from GSAK always seems to upset my prefered GPSr settings.

    Avatar photofinderman



    I have a Garmin Oregon 400T.


    maps – i only use the basic map, no OS, no streetmap etc but I know you can buy both. I have cached abroad using these basic maps as well and I get on very well with them


    I bought mine 2nd hand and overall, it’s been amazing. Even to the point when I dropped it down a beach cliff. It landed in a rockpool, SD card and back cover floating. Everything else fully submerged. Still worked when I put it back together! 🙂

    To be fair, it wouldn’t connect to my computer for a few weeks but just as i thought i was gong to have buy a new one, it must have dried out and it went back to being good old reliable Gary. Great bit of kit! 😆 😆

    Avatar photodartymoor

    1. Oregon 450 and a 650. Marks are 450|650

    2. 8|6 – The 650 is easily the best machine, but it crashes far too frequently.

    3. I use the free OSM maps from Talkie Toaster. 8/10. I also have the 50k OS maps, but apart from when you need to know where a footpath is, they’re not as good as the clarity is poor. Geocaches blend into the background.

    4. Never used it abroad.

    5. Windows.

    “Follow the arrow” has a lot of comparisons – the best guide is to play with different models if you can and get a feel, but all the Oregons are pretty good and support geocaching very well.

    Tamerton Chocolates

    1: GPSMap 60 CSX and Etrex 30

    2: 7/10 & 7/10

    3: I have the Topo GB on both which is excellent for geocaching. On the Etrex I have some OS 1:25000 sections, but the screen is quite small / pixeldensity too high for it to be very useful

    4: I used some openstreetmap & some garmin maps abroad .. similar as the UK ones

    5: No, I only use Linux, it means you can’t use the Garmin programs, but there are alternatives & connectivity is 10/10

    I really only use the GPS for its accuracy & ruggedness. I don’t need all the bells & whistles as my Android with c:geo & web browser will do all that & more.

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