Golden Plover?

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    I took this photo on my way to the Kneeset Triangle caches.  I’ve seen these birds many times on the moor but have never photographed one before so had no idea what they were.  From the photo I think it’s a Golden Plover?

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    It is a Golden Plover- in winter by its plummage and by the grass colour. In summer, it is an altogether brighter bird. The British Trust for Ornithology has just completed the latest 4 year atlas and the results have yet to be published. So I do not know if it still breeds on Dartmoor. It still breeds in South Wales on a sporadic opportunistic basis.

    In the 1988-91 atlas it was confirmed to breed in SX58 and SX68 and to possibly breed in SX 67 and SX 69 (all 10 km squares)

    In the same 1988-91 atlas, SX68 had breeding Dunlin- another hill breeding wader.

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