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    Tamerton Chocolates

    Sometimes it is time for caches to go – free up some space for new ones.

    Anyway – I hear you are organising a rave this weekend Dave – hows that going?

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    TC says “Sometimes it is time for caches to go – free up some space for new ones.” I’ve seen that written many times on an archived cache, but normally when the CO can’t be bothered to maintain it. We’ve less than 4 caches per square mile on Dartmoor, so that argument really doesn’t apply – there’s so much space for new ones – maybe TC would like to place a nice new series to replace those being archived?

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get Groundspeak to recognise my rave as a mega event! I doubt if there are going to be many caches found in Bellever this weekend, we are surrounded by police road blocks as far away as Holne in one direction and the Warren House Inn in another. Nobody can get in or out without an interrogation! It’s a shame there wasn’t any police intelligence to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

    Avatar photoHobo

    “Police Intelligence” now there’s an oxymoron!

    Avatar photoThe Celtic Jedi

    Watchit Hobo, dont forget we know where you live, cos its bin four years !!!

    Tamerton Chocolates

    “there’s so much space for new ones” – if you take the .1 mile distance then yes, there is a lot of space left on Dartmoor .. I would rather have a lot less which makes them more special .. as the 10 tors caches once were ..

    Avatar photodartymoor

    Personally, I disagree quite strongly with that view, TC, and had a bit of a moan on that very subject with some others on the forums last week;

    Density seems to be quite a marmite subject – what are others’ opinions?

    Avatar photoSabartimesine

    Hmm, don’t get why you would want less caches. There are loads of caches going live all the time I would never bother with, it does not mean I would rather see them go. I like to do a series now and then just for the walk and being somewhere new. When doing a 20 plus series I don’t expect unusual hides or containers all the time. After that I return to the Moor. Otherwise I get withdrawal symptoms, so the more there are the better for me, particularly in remote areas. Some people would probably rather chew their own arm off then come to Dartmoor, so hurray for density and variety of caches and locations…whatever floats your boat.


    I couldn’t agree more. I got into caching in the first place because of the excuse it gave me to plod all over Dartmoor, as if I needed one. The more the better, I feel. There are more than 20,000 letterboxes on Dartmoor, so I understand, so we still have an awful long way to go before we reach that density. Keep them coming, I say, then I can get back on the moor and find some more caches. Hooray!

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