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    The South West seem to fall behind other areas of the Southern UK (and maybe other areas) when it comes to regular events I.E meets. I am just trawling here to gather information on the level of interest that there may be in trying to arrange regular meets (bi-monthly) in locations on the moor. I may be willing to work with others to try and set something up if there is enough interest. As far as I am aware the only regular events are the “stop the clock events” @ Princetown but I may be wrong.


    I had noticed this myself, and I think organising something locally would be a great idea.

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    It might be possible to hold events here at The Cherrybrook. However, we are only a small hotel and any event would have to be limited to around lunch time so as not to conflict with our residents for whom we serve dinner. We have already discussed this ourselves but it is probably not appropriate for us to be the organisers, as obviously we would hope to benefit financially from any such event, through bar sales, etc. I would be pleased to discuss the possibility with anybody who might like to organise an event here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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