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    I had occasion to do some cache maintenance today. Close to the site of our “Hobo and Miss’ Stash to Mark 10 Years of Caching” There were some very obvious signs of aggressive searching. Two DNFs had been recorded the day before my visit. This sort of thing not only damages the environment but also gets geocaching a bad name.

    Is there any way we can persuade cachers to be less destructive?

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    Avatar photoStationMaster

    the two DNF was myself and someone i was with, so you are obviously pointing your finger at us, before pointing your finger at people in a local site that everyone can see get the facts correct first please. Enough said and end of story.

    Avatar photoStationMaster

    Had a mate e-mail today who is not a member on here and here it is.

    Hi Mark, just read DD’s forum, I don’t recognise the site, don’t think I have been to that one. My first thoughts were:

    Why put the cache in Vegetation where it can get damaged?

    Did Hobo get permission? – it looks like a newtake.

    And most importantly is the farmers fence OK looks like it is leaning to me, is hobo going to repair it with a post thumper?

    As for the gorse bush, for goodness sake it is only a gorse bush, who cares.

    Seems to me it is a badly placed cache, which probably shouldn’t be there anyway.
    end of e-mail.

    I will nip up to the cache site and have a look now I know where it is and I will post my views on subject later.

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    Without pointing the finger at anybody and only looking at the photos, it looks to me as though somebody lost their temper with this cache and savagely attacked the gorse bush. This is not how anybody geocacher should behave, because it gives us all a bad name and we should all try to protect the environment, even gorse bushes. Hobo & Miss’s caches are not always my favourite because of the gorse but this is their trademark, we expect it and can laugh with them. As we all know what to expect, we can either choose to attempt the cache or not, but trying to destroy it is surely not acceptable.

    Avatar photoStationMaster

    If anyone who loses their temper in finding a cache they should give up.

    Avatar photodartymoor

    I know people are getting upset over this, but for some reason I now have a mental image of Basil Fawlty attacking his car with a branch…

    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    It certainly supports my theory that making a cache Premium Member only doesn’t protect either the cache, the cache site or the environment.

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