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    Most of you will know my feelings on placing quality caches, the importance of labelling and the rubbish ice-cream boxes that are littering Dartmoor.  A few weeks ago I asked our reviewer to archive the old Hound Tor cache as I knew it had gone and it was repeatedly being logged as found by cachers finding a rubbish ice-cream box instead.  At the time I promised to get up to Hound Tor for a little rubbish collection!  Saturday was that day.

    We didn’t set off until late in the afternoon and was surprised by how many people were on Hound Tor on a November afternoon.  We were also surprised by how little general rubbish was up there.  We collected only half a sack of litter including some of those blasted doggie pooh bags and we removed a few saturated containers with sodden logs that were littering the tor.  There were also a few new ones currently in good condition which we left, but given the poor quality of the containers and the lack of plastic bags around the logs, these will surely not survive the winter!

    So much for the TO part of CITO, we also placed a new Hound Tor cache to complete the CI part.  I can assure you that this will NOT be mistaken for an ice-cream box, but I would ask everybody to remove such litter from the moor when they come across it.  There should be no mistaking a genuine geocache!


    Avatar photodartymoor

    Well done!

    I never go out with the intention of clearing up litter, I just seem to come back with pockets a lot more full than I go out with…

    Avatar photoGoldenHaystack

    Had me worried for a moment thinking I’d found a wrong’un. But all’s well, it turns out the Hound Tor I logged in June 2011 was the virtual cache several miles north – so no litter associated with caching there then! Long live the virtuals. GH.

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