Are PAFs Really Needed?

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    Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

    I won’t say who or on which cache, but I’ve just spotted this log: “Didnt spend to long here as time was getting short, reading logs PAF is needed”

    Are PAFs really needed? Doesn’t it destroy the whole raison d’être of a good cache, if you have to make a phone call to be told where it is? We’ve recorded 3 DNFs on that blasted “Lair” but I would never make a phone call to ask where it is. Isn’t that the purpose of geocaching to get the satisfaction of a finding a well hidden cache – or is it all about the numbers?

    What do others think?

    Avatar photodartmoor strider

    Totally agree. Having found just short of 4000 caches we have never asked for clues to where a cache is if we can’t find it, nor do we do puzzle caches without solving them ourselves, and all of them we have physically found the cache. We get great pleasure in a find, particularly if it’s taken us a few attempts. For example your Red Herring Trail took many visits to complete but we found it in the end and had great satisfaction. There are a few caches that we have looked for on more than one occasion but are still yet to find them, but we will persevere. This is the way we enjoy geocaching, but everyone is different, but certainly it must be more satisfying to have genuinely ‘found it’ yourself?

    Avatar photodartymoor

    Never paffed either, I’m not that determined for a smiley most times. I’ve been rung a few times and don’t mind sharing, though.

    But yeah, at no time is a paf required, otherwise who would be FTF?


    Love your chicken ‘n’ egg take on the FTF Simon 😆
    I have a slightly different problem with PAFs……………
    I end up spending hours catching up on all the latest caching tittle tattle with the friend – to the extent that I seldomly then have time to utilize the hard earned additional info anyway 😕 ❗

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