All Take and No Give

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    Geocaching requires givers and takers for it to work at all. Most cachers really do understand that and most are prepared to put something back, either by placing caches for others to find, by running events, or even just by writing thoughtful logs instead of the “TFTC” or copy & paste logs that we all hate so much.

    It really makes me very annoyed then when I spot a log that just says “Gone. Needs action or archiving.” This cache may well have gone, but it was found within the last month, so it’s not as though it has been abandoned by the owner. In fact this is only the 3rd DNF on the cache. Such thoughtless and arrogant logs have no place in caching, and when I check on the cachers I discover that although they have found well over 3,000 caches they have never placed a single one! 🙁 How dare they criticise! 👿

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    All Take and no give , well it seems the phantom film pot pincher as struck again 😈
    Not happy with taking some from the Emily Series it seems they have moved onto Cox Tor Circular . Are some Cachers that desperate ❓ .
    They cost peanuts on sites like ebay . Would be interesting to hear from other owners who have had the same problem.


    I recently replaced my cache at Princetown and had a similar problem. When I originally placed the cache it was a good sized container with an A7 memo pad for a log (which cost £2.00 if I recall). This cache was later reported missing, so I went and replaced it with a smaller pot containing a film pot log inside.

    When I did my maintenance visit I discovered that the original hadn’t gone missing after all, but even more oddly, the memo pad had been taken from the first cache and loose A4 paper left inside, and the film pot had gone missing from the second cache!


    This has been going on for years with the letterboxers, usually it is the stamp that disappears, but is could be the inner box or the outer, or most often the whole lot goes. The area between Cox tor and Princetown are either side of the road has been targeted by thieves for years. 🙁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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