Reply To: What's happened to this site?

Avatar photodartymoor

Fair point, and I’m guilty of it too – although somewhere to moan in a non-specific way isn’t always a bad thing. People are free to respond and a discussion is formed. Opinions are sometimes changed and a point that could be bugging someone for months is, by the process of sharing it, viewed from anothers’ eyes and perspective gained. Your own post here is one example of this, Dave’s post (and probably my response) that prompted it, another. I believe every community should have an opportunity to discuss its problems (without getting too personal, of course!)

It was good of DD to create this site and run it, but the majority of content comes from him. I tried to help out with the walks series, but nobody else wrote in it and I do admit I lost heart and interest after a few.

Dave is a chap who’ll throw the odd conversational hand grenade up in the air to see who catches it, and to be honest if he didn’t this forum would have no content. Every lull is sparked off again by him, but we kinda need more to be self sustaining.

The Facebook groups have a lot more activity (30 odd messages in the devon and cornwall groups tonight), and they’re fine for up to the minute and short discussions, but are lousy for building a body of work and a resource like this has already become.

Geocaching in the southwest is an overwhelmingly positive thing. We have good quality caches, a wide variety and a beautiful place to do it.