Reply To: Toss-in-the-hedge micros

Avatar photodartymoor

Agree with quality over quantity, but not to the extent of thinking others are wrong. I have caches that are roadside so CnD, but always at an interesting place and I explain the history. From the comments I know some people like that, I and I like the idea that they’ll pause and think for a moment – but for those after the numbers, a CnD is fine too! Apart from the access issues above, not everyone has the time spare for a good walk, or even the inclination. (Crazy, I know – but apparently some people don’t like walking on dartmoor in the winter rain, wind snow and sleet!)

I don’t have any on the moor itself yet, but I am planning two. What has put me off is the letterbox clearances and muggling that goes on in spades (to the extent that about half of the letterboxes from the guide that have 8 or 10 digit coords I’ve tried have been stolen, and entire areas cleared including caches).

I have a micro or two out as well, but definitely not toss in the hedge. They have their place as can be hidden better or in more creative ways, but need more maintenance.