Reply To: Toss-in-the-hedge micros

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

A huge plus for geocaching is that it embraces the whole spectrum of society. Almost anybody can take part. Some will be more able than others, either physically or intellectually but there are caches out there for everybody. My preference is for those 4 miles into deepest Dartmoor, but I also respect those who can only move a few yards from their car. Recently I met a cache owner who had spent a few months in a wheelchair and will now only place caches that are wheelchair accessible and this has certainly made me think. I won’t be placing any C&Ds myself, but for some even those will be difficult.

I really like the “Favorite” (sic) system as this gives us all the opportunity to rate a cache. My analysis of the 2011 caches has surprised me many times – place a C&D in a different or innovative container and it immediately becomes more attractive.

I can’t agree on awarding points by using the rating scores as difficulty and terrain ratings seem to be allocated almost arbitrarily and I often disagree with caches that have obviously been overrated to make them more attractive. But this is a subject for a whole new topic!

To answer mp’s final question, I think we should all place caches to the best of our ability and to give as much thought as possible to the quality of the cache, even if it is only a C&D.