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Hi, firstly many many thanks to Dave for his perseverance in getting this sorted for us all. I am sure it will make life easier for us siting caches as well as for our reviewer[s].
Hadnt really understood the rules previously so avoided siting my own caches until recently. Three were accepted sited on common land [Belstone Common] and then a 4th was refused as it was in an SSSI! The other 3 are also in the SSSI but the rules had changed inbetween applications. However I have just reapplied the 4th [with crossed fingers] and YES it has been accepted! So the new rules are working!
Also very pleased to see the siting in dry stone walls is not allowed – so it shouldnt as there is always “someone” who has to pull the wall to pieces to find the cache! Another good factor of these new rules! Many thanks

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