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I must apologise for not having been able to check this one out, now it has been logged as Needs Maintenance I will do so asap. I note in your log that you say that it is a really good idea for a cache. I agree but I’m afraid we are in a small minority, as only 6 attempts were made at this when it was first placed. It is difficult enough to get cachers to go into the more remote places on the moor, almost impossible to ask them to do it without looking at their gps every few seconds!

I suppose the whole idea of geocaching is to use your gps, and to ask cachers to use only map & compass is depriving them of their prized gadget. Moreover, the reviewers get a bit difficult if you place a cache which can be found WITHOUT using a gps.

If anybody can suggest a form of cache which can ONLY be found using map & compass I would be very interested. But as soon as you give any sort of bearing and distance it can easily be entered into a gps.