Reply To: Ipplepen's Caches up for Adoption

Avatar photodartymoor

I’ve offered to take on Satan’s pit as it’s one of my favourites and not far away from the 3/4 Knights View series I already adopted (Or Satin’s Pit, as somebody on the facebook page just called it. After finding lots of pair of fancy knickers around a cornish GZ today, that sounds much more exciting!)

But if Ipplepen chose somebody else who was going to look after it I wouldn’t be too upset, as I’m thinking I’m a little over-extended also.

And sadly, I suck at puzzles so many of these caches remain hidden to me. I did try “Bird” when I was walking Lustleigh cleave, but I couldn’t figure it out.

I also considered Spitchwick, as I doubt it would be given permission now if it needed to be replaced. I would take that on if nobody else stepped forwards, but it’s not on a route I travel that often.