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Not just *a* QR reader, but the Munzee app. That both registers the munzee, and also the location via the phone’s gps to ensure you’re not cheating.

It’s similar in that there’s a map showing you where the things are and you have to search for them, but… That’s about it.

I had the app but never did one. My phone is a work issued one, and it stays off when I’m not working. If it’s on, I get work texts or calls and boom, there goes my day-off mood. I carry it for emergencies only when walking.

When I did try it, a couple of times, it was a lot of faff and I never succeeded. Firstly my phone takes ages to start (8 minutes if from cold, at least 2 from standby), and if I had it on anyway, both times I tried (once on the CCC trail) I had no data signal and I wasted about ten minutes trying to get it working.

So not for me. I don’t have a problem with the things, and they’re not so common they’re intrusive in any way. Just not a game I care to play.