Reply To: Density of Dartmoor Caches

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

TC says “Sometimes it is time for caches to go – free up some space for new ones.” I’ve seen that written many times on an archived cache, but normally when the CO can’t be bothered to maintain it. We’ve less than 4 caches per square mile on Dartmoor, so that argument really doesn’t apply – there’s so much space for new ones – maybe TC would like to place a nice new series to replace those being archived?

Unfortunately I couldn’t get Groundspeak to recognise my rave as a mega event! I doubt if there are going to be many caches found in Bellever this weekend, we are surrounded by police road blocks as far away as Holne in one direction and the Warren House Inn in another. Nobody can get in or out without an interrogation! It’s a shame there wasn’t any police intelligence to prevent it from occurring in the first place.