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Avatar photoStationMaster

Had a mate e-mail today who is not a member on here and here it is.

Hi Mark, just read DD’s forum, I don’t recognise the site, don’t think I have been to that one. My first thoughts were:

Why put the cache in Vegetation where it can get damaged?

Did Hobo get permission? – it looks like a newtake.

And most importantly is the farmers fence OK looks like it is leaning to me, is hobo going to repair it with a post thumper?

As for the gorse bush, for goodness sake it is only a gorse bush, who cares.

Seems to me it is a badly placed cache, which probably shouldn’t be there anyway.
end of e-mail.

I will nip up to the cache site and have a look now I know where it is and I will post my views on subject later.