Reply To: Caches up for grabs

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

Like Dartymoor, I was really sad when I saw some of Matt’s caches being archived.  Initially I thought it was just the Dewer Ramble and the odd cache, but when I saw his post on here I realised it was much more serious and would have a real impact on Dartmoor geocaching.  It is a real shame that Matt has come to this decision especially after his huge efforts with the Dartmoor Forest series, which is now totally in place and shouldn’t require too much maintenance in the near future.

Unfortunately there is no way I can adopt these caches as well as the HoD series and hopefully somebody else might be prepared to or maybe Matt might have second thoughts on these caches?  If not they will be a real loss to Dartmoor geocaching and to those cachers who have made a start on the series and who had hoped to take several months or years to complete it.

Whatever the outcome I would like to thank Matt for his inspiration and help to me, and no doubt to others, who have come new to geocaching and who have respected him for his caches remote on the moor and of course for the numerous puzzle caches.  I am sure that he will continue to log the usual stream of FTFs on my caches and we will eagerly await his return to ownership hopefully not too far in the distance.

Thanks once more Matt for all your help, encouragement and some truly great caches.  I still rate the Heart of Dartmoor series as the number 1 series on Dartmoor and the Tavy Treasure Trail as the number 1 cache, many thanks.