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*cough* Drama Llama *cough*

I’ve read everything on here, the Facebook thread, the logs that came through this morning as each cache was deleted, I have seen PR’s amended profile where he asks people to delete his found logs as he’s given up caching and… “Huh?”

I don’t get it. On the face of this it seems like a spiteful over-reaction and withdrawal of “my toys” that removes a series that people were enjoying completing and clearly took a lot of the CO’s effort to lay and maintain. It does not make sense to me, but clearly PR takes this so perceived insult so seriously he wants out and has decided to do it in what he probably thinks is grand style.

Myself – I’m saddened by the loss of caches I had yet to find, and feel particularly sorry for those part-way through the series who are now left high and dry. Good on you, Muddypuddles, for offering to adopt.

For what it’s worth, there have been some exchanges on this site in the past that I think were unwarranted, and sometimes the tone has been decidedly nasty at times. But I can’t see anything in this thread that Dave has written which deserves such a reaction, and am completely baffled as to where postage costs became relevant!

Oh well, life goes on. There’s others who lay caches and others who find them.