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It seems that I have offended DD by my intention to archive this series after the summer of 2015. I have no idea how he has received over 100 emails today, I obviously received the same emails and have received just 53. I would suggest that he doesn’t watch every single cache in this series, why do you need to Dave.

I will be unable to maintain this series after the summer of 2015 and that is why I will be archiving this series. Do I need to go into details about the reasons for this to you Dave, absolutely not? My post today on the bonus page, was to give those who wish to complete the series a heads up that it will not be there for ever. This series will be in place and maintained for the next 17 months.

I am very sorry for anyone who will be unable to complete the series in that time frame, but I will of course remove the caches in such a way that anyone who is close to completing the series will be able to.

As for you Dave, I have no interest in what you think. I would suggest to you that you concentrate on your coins; lovely as they are I cannot understand why you got a mint run of 250. Better to get just 100. As you know I have been watching your eBay account and you haven’t had much luck with selling them. £3 postage, what is all that about, a simple search will tell you that postage from the USA costs less than £3.