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I don’t know how many others received over 100 emails today re this series, but I know I did!

I can understand the CO wishing to regenerate some interest in this series but I think his announcement that he will archive it in 2015 is counter-productive. Major series such as this need a huge amount of time to complete. I walked 134 miles and drove nearly 600 miles to complete this series – and I live on Dartmoor!

The Alphabet Challenge series has been in place for nearly 7 years and has been completed 30 times, The Heart of Dartmoor series has been in place for nearly 5 years and has been completed only 7 times, and the Dartmoor Forest series has also been completed 7 times in just over 2 years. For most cachers these series have to be a long term project taking several years to complete. After all, many live a long way away and can only visit Dartmoor 2 or 3 times a year.

If a cacher thinks he can take as long as it needs to complete a series, he will gradually chip away at it. If he thinks he is on a time limit, he may well not bother to attempt it at all. Surely 200 cachers taking an interest and finding several of the caches is better than a hand full of cachers finding them all?