Reply To: Wherigo


Just for the record, there is a second type of cartridge which has been designed for use on the ANDROID MARKET by a Czech Cacher which is FREE to download in the marketplace. It’s called ”WhereYouGo”. There is a pretty comprehensive Groundspeak Forum running on Wherigo’s which answers a lot of Finderman’s questions (apparently, turning off Wi-Fi capability on your phone is imperative as the cartridge needs to operate from the pre-programmed co-ords on your GPSr)
Or you could try shooting Ky Devas an email……………
I know she put a lot of hard work into getting her cartridge over at Hound Tor up, running and through the necessary Groundspeak protocols – I’m sure she’d be more than happy to answer any querries ❓ …. 💡 ……. 😀