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As the second team to finish this series, thought perhaps I should post a comment.

Everyone who completes the Dartmoor Remote trail will have their own reasons for doing it, and their own experiences, but suffice to say too much , would give away the ups & downs, suprises and whatever else happens on your travels.

Our experience was of a personal achievement for both of us. We have been avid walkers for many years, but unfortunately a disease with no cure looked like Derek would not walk very much again. However, there was a drug too keep the disease under control and the walking has improved greatly in the last two years, so for him the challenge was getting to places which 2 years ago would have been unobtainable, although the areas with clitter do present a problem, and a hands and knees job the same problem (so please if you see a peson unable to get up at any time lend a hand dont leave him!). That meant the distance caches were down to me. To walk with no 4 legged or 2 legged companion has not presented a problem, but still sometimes daunting. We were letterboxers in a past life and very familiar with Dartmoor, although our walking on the moor in the past 10 years has been very little. You do not forget though, and it did bring back many happy memories of remote places visited, which is the one thing letterboxing did do, and pre any GPS to show you the way. It also reminded us of Colin Rolfes “Deep Mid Winter Walks” always North Moor and Remote ie, Cut Hill.
As to the caches, Steve we cannot say enough that we know how much hard work you put into this, it is appreciated and a big thankyou. As far as we were concerned everything was findable, a couple possibly a bit sneaky and one that caused my coat to get thoroughly dirty, “remember I have long arms” kept ringing in my mind. The Final was the climax, especially as there was no check sum when we attempted it, so with a slight bit of intrepidation, “is it” isn’t it” right the trip was started and the nearer I got the more I felt sure it was right. What a finish.
Is there Life After, yes, but a rest beckons for a few days, two rather tired OAPs. Whens the sequel? In the meantime back to “Parishes” – they have been a bit neglected and also take a bit of thinking about.