Bench Tor Loop

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Anticlockwise route shown in Red, starting at the car park east of Venford Reservoir
Bench Tor Loop
No. of Caches: 14
Length: 3 miles
CO: Dartmoor Dave
Cache Types: A large variety of caches with several big enough for swag.  The majority are fairly simple with hints where necessary, especially where the gps signal is poor.
Bonus Cache: Bonus information in all of the caches, most of which is repeated in another cache.
Terrain: Reasonable paths the whole way, half of which is in woods.  You will need to leave the path for some of the caches, particularly in the wooded area.  Some heavy bracken has grown up on the route to and from cache BTL04.
Parking: A very large free car park East of Venford reservoir.
Description:  A trail around a beautiful area of Dartmoor high up in the valley above the River Dart.  Good views throughout most of the trail.
Link to First Cache: GC703T9


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