Time to Move Forward

Having wasted so much time with the the two Dartmoor Challenge Caches it was time to ascertain where we were and what needed to be done.  Yesterday I confirmed that all caches were in place for the Minor Challenge (and re-enabled the cache) and that 6 new caches were needed for the Mega Challenge.  So today we chose the nearest area needing a new cache and drove there not only to place one new cache but to find some that had been on the to do list for some time.

Brent Tor Church

Surprisingly I have lived on Dartmoor for 30 months and have never visited Brent Tor Church. It is an amazing location with wonderful views in all directions, especially on a clear day like today, and one I would strongly recommend.   We then placed a new Never Say Never cache nearby.  If you don’t understand what this refers to, you will have to take a look at my profile!

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Author: Dartmoor Dave


2 thoughts on “Time to Move Forward”

  1. Can I just say how much I enjoy reading your blog Dave!
    Always ‘on topic’, well writen and accompanied by excellent photographs.
    I particularly like this photo of Brent Tor Church which, thanks to you, has now been firmly pinned to my ‘must visit’ list.

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