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Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

Another Seaglass Pirates log – this time Dart’moor’s Double Dozen 01. Do they do stand up 🙂

Well what can we say about this series. I am shaking my head as I remember yesterday. Two lessons learned. More water needed and suncream. Our faces are burnt into a grimace and our eyebrows look like someone has attempted a hot waxing and left half way through. I am sure they will return to their normal position given fluid and time but at present we look like we have had plastic surgery and someone put us near the bar fire to dry. But what a brilliant series. At some points on the second half of this “dirty” double dozen when we were fingertip searching for a micro 100 feet off the path I began to realise I wasnt longing for the series to end. But more longing for an internet signal so I could search the online poll records to find out where Dartmoor Dave lived. But we got there in the end. DNF’d three – 12, 22, 24. They are all there though as they were found by the unearthly abilities of Westward Ho and co. And we were following them around it seems. You could not tell. Not a cachers trail in sight. Sooooo grateful for that …. But anyway despite the delirium brought on by dehydration and horse fly bites we had a ball. I say horseflies. These had hooves and when you slapped them they slapped you back. But anyway we found this particular cache in about 30 seconds of arrival. The warning is that this is one of the hardest to find and it pretty much is. Coordinates were spot on with two garmin 450’s but still some of the hides were evil and obviously a couple eluded us. Thank you for this cache and for this series. Please dont do any more like this unless we apply for Bupa care to meet us at the end.