Reply To: Your first cache


My first cache was with Triarii! It was my first visit to Devon (used to live in Bedfordshire and myself and Tri became friends through work) I was a bit apprehensive about driving all this way to stay in a house where I knew just one person -barely! Tri and his housemate Pete introduced me to geocaching by taking me to one of theirs in Ivybridge! That’s where I met two of ‘the three kings’ and ‘Poppy’. Didn’t think much of it as I wasn’t used to walking far or getting caked in mud, but I had to put on a brave face! Couldn’t go all girly!! I actually assumed that all caches had to be in irritating areas where you have no choice BUT to walk through a cow poop covered field! Just did not like that idea! Around 2 years later and after living in gorgeous Devon for over a year, I went ‘back home’ to visit my friends! Little did I know, my friend Jason, knew about geocaching! I though ‘small world, but there’s not many fields here!’ We took a visit to St Albans and Hitchin, and found some urban caches! People everywhere! Only then did I find it fun! Now I can’t really go anywhere without having a look and seeing if I can get any caches and brilliant views on the way! Love it and wish I knew about it years ago 😀