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Avatar photofinderman

I was introduced by my friend and fellow Paramedic Betsys beagles. I was aware of his letterboxing past. But had not heard of Geocaching. We were working together on the Hoe on the day of the Olympic Torch Relay when he mentioned he had just purchased a GPS.
He asked me if I’d heard of geocaching ( I hadn’t) the next day a quick google search and I was hooked after walking 500 metres from my front door and bagging my first cache.
The whole hobby is a joy. I have a 1 year old whippet so the walking possibilities are endless.
My wife and children love it too.

I have a genuine love of Dartmoor now. I was in the army from 16-23 and my feeling of Dartmoor for many years was a place I remember being very cold, very tired and Hungry for days on end. Walking the moors at night. Not appreciating the landscape at all.
My whole perception has changed.

Thanks Geocaching!