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I was introduced to and found my first cache whilst still a muggle. I’m not quite sure of the date but it must have been sometime in the early to mid-noughties. I was walking above Saunton Sands with a friend whom I used to fly a microlight with. He had moved on to paragliding and being keen on the latest gadgets had a fancy GPSr which was accurate for altitude and rates of ascent/descent. Somewhat important when it comes to flying!! I had never seen a hand held GPSr before. He set the GPSr and invited me to find GCJ7DP Not a ruined view! ( North Devon).
In 2010 I had my left hip replaced and the surgeon suggested that walking would be the best physiotherapy. Always up for a challenge and remembering the cache at Saunton, I signed up for what turned out to be a marvelous hobby. It has taken me far and wide (for a Devonshire country boy!!) to all sorts of places, excersing both mind and body.
My first cache as a groundspeak member was GC1JCGZ Milling around Beaford No.1 which I found on 29/5/2010. My log read “First Find! TNLN”. Well, I was only a beginner!! I used to fish there with my father in the sixties. For those of you still young at heart it is a very romantic place, especially on a sunny summer’s afternoon.
One of my first Dartmoor caches was Alphabet Challenge L found whilst staying at Lydford. The challenge took me all over and around the moor; thank you Windrush. Dartmoor is a fascinating place and I do enjoy the challenge. GH.