Reply To: Your first cache

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

We didn’t know it at the time, but the first cache we found was Parliament Rock. We had gone for a short walk from The Cherrybrook to Wistman’s Wood and back via Crockern Tor, when somebody spotted the cache under a rock. It was never very well hidden and could easily been seen when walking uphill. I can’t remember if we opened it or not, but just assumed it was a letterbox and then forgot all about it.

Some time later, a couple of our guests (Punch & Partner) started talking in the bar each evening about what they had been doing during the day, which was geocaching. Having always been interested in maps and walking, and already on my 3rd GPS (which was also a PDA) I was immediately interested and wanted to know all about it. Before they left us I had already signed up and found several caches – the first of which was Parliament Rock, the cache we had already spotted!