Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?

Avatar photodartymoor

You sound miffed… This was never a personal thing, but you seem to think that it is, Dave. Whether I had done all your series or not, I would still be asking this question – if not here, elsewhere. This isn’t about you or your caches, only your opinion and that of others.

You and I have spoken several times about what appeals to us both. We have different needs, but also a lot of common ground. I think I understand what you enjoy about caching, but you seem unclear about why I do it – and I’d hoped I was being clear! Let’s try again: A nice interesting walk in the country, easy to find caches with good clues, and yes, plenty of them to motivate me to get there in the first place. And I tend to set trails as I would like to do them. Just as you do for your trails.

About 1/3 of Ring is open moorland, as about 1/5th of South Brent’s is. Ring of Cox is the only circular one I can recall that’s entirely moorland. (I know Suzy tried to set one earlier this year, but fell within the no-go zone of Spitchwick and had to remove them again. 🙁 ) I’m struggling to find other examples because of the very reason I’m raising this question – they ain’t there!


Answer so far seems to be; “No particular reason” and that the long distance moor walkers aren’t too fussed about circular series.