Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?


<Mutter> Power trails are for cars! </mutter> (Cornwall and Dorset so far – and having done part of the Bodmin one… I didn’t actually enjoy doing it from the car – too much stress about parking, blocking the road, getting in and out constantly. By bike might have been better.)

Not many trails I’ve done have been micros only, in fairness. The main setter in devon in kevham1 with some huge number of caches out, and he often uses interesting and unusual containers to break things up.

But an interesting reply and thanks for your views. Glad you were willing to give it a go – and committed in a big way with a long series, and pleased you’ve had a positive response.

Look forwards to your next one!

Oh – and TOTALLY agree about cut and pasted logs. Laziness. I write unique logs for every cache I go to, and I do a lot of series – so why can’t other people?

Maybe some cachers don’t think the CO reads every log submitted. But I certainly do, and obviously, so does DD.