Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?

Avatar photodartymoor

Spent an enjoyable half hour re-reading the posts in this thread and figure it’s time to re-visit this for two reasons:

1) Brentorboxer has published the second part of her series around Wheal Betsy, which I walked today. I don’t expect Hobo and Miss to try it given their comments before, but I certainly enjoyed it – and yes, gorse features! This is a more interesting area for me given the industrial archaelogy, and that my sister worked at the stables 25 years ago, and that I walked part of it two and a half years ago just before I discovered geocaching. It’s a nice area, and some of the geocaches have taught me a little more about its history than I knew before. I recommend it because I enjoyed it – but one thing this thread has shown is that there are different tastes! I’d be interested in others views too.

2) It’s now five months since Dartmoor Dave published “Dart’moor’s Double Dozen”, inspired by this very thread! Given his early posts on this subject, I would like to ask him if he has changed his views on caches “closer together” in a shortish series? (Although this was still too long for my wife who got very tired and grumpy by the time we reached the waterfall and meant we had to cut it short!). I think other cachers have enjoyed the series – sure there are a few harsh comments, but I know DD has thick skin – the majority certainly like it! It’s had well over a hundred visitors, lots of photos and favourite points.