Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

I thought I would return to this topic for a couple of reasons. First we completed Brentorboxer’s Following the Dartmoor Trail series today. I have to say that we enjoyed this series more than I thought we would. I had obviously read the comments posted in this topic and it was difficult to start with an open mind. However, we are glad that we completed the series and really did enjoy the walk and the caches, although I can understand the comments about the gorse and the similarity of the caches and hides. But there is still a fairly large amount of effort required to place a series such as this, and most of the logs were very complimentary.

The second reason is that I promised my own series on Dartmoor. I wrote previously “I really am planning a trail for you, it will be called Dart’moor’s Dozen and will have only 12 caches over a 6 mile walk. Hopefully the caches will all be interesting and different to each other and will definitely not be trivial finds. Hopefully it will get you out on to the real moor, which I don’t think you get on to very often, but will not be remote. But I’m not going to rush these out tomorrow, they need thinking about and planning.”

Well, I’ve done my thinking and planning which has resulted in a couple of changes, but basically the same route I had in mind before. I’ve walked the route about 4 times, the locations have all been approved and now I must get out there and place the caches. Watch this space.