Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?


Well I’ve done it at last. Having set up the Forest Boundary series of caches I have felt duty bound to complete the Perambulation myself, which I did last weekend. It was harder than I thought and took me 2 and a half days, rather than the 2 I had originally anticipated.

When I set up the series I had anticipated that the caches could be picked up on the way, but to be honest, the walk was hard enough as it was without having to make numerous side trips, however small, to pick up any caches.

Still, the weather was superb, and Dartmoor was on her best behaviour, with a cool breeze throughout, and nice and dry underfoot. I usually come back from walks on the moor with damp feet, but after 78km, they were still bone dry.

I really enjoyed the walk, and would highly recommend it to all!