Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?


Wow, all of that took some reading! I’m very much still a newbie at geocaching! I’ve got 204 now? I’m not too fussy about the caches, but I am slightly competitive! So I like getting as many as I can. However, the few trails/loops/circuits myself and Triarii have done are a good way of getting me off the Xbox…! It’s also handy for anyone without a sense of direction, as you know you’ll make your way back to the car (if you forgot to set a waypoint! :-/ ) Despite being in my late 20’s, I’m fairly unhealthy :-/ so these circuits break up the periods of walking for me 🙂 actually, as a result, I don’t get so out of breath anymore! The random individual ones are good too for (for example) you’re in the car and you’ve had to stop, I think it’s brilliant to see if there’s anything nearby. I’m not a great walker, but some caches have taken me to places I’d never have the care to go to if it wasn’t for a cache being there. I agree that varying the caches themselves are great, one of my favourites being Dartymoors old puzzle by the clay pits! The hiding location variety is just as important. We just did the Its a jungle/bush tucker trail and seeing something different is brilliant! I do think a series further into Dartmoor would be a good idea, but it’d take me longer to do it I think! The moor is cold and harsh! 😀 in the mean time, my village and most of the surrounding areas are covered in smiley faces (with the exception of that blooming puzzle in Chudleigh that I just don’t understand….) so we’re having to go further afield each time – not that I have any issue with it! 😀