Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?

Avatar photodartymoor

Dave, no, I’m not upset about your comment. My first series had several unusual containers, but a series of 26 is never going to be easy to make special containers for. There’s also a logistical issue. Great Plantation’s containers include various logs, fence posts and bricks – one weighing about 10kg. Now try carrying 26 of those up hill and down dale!

I also took time to fill those with swag. I didn’t bother with this one because it’s not an aspect to the game *I* enjoy, and the fact is that it’s a rare cache indeed where swag doesn’t get down-traded and you end up with the rusty and mushy contents you describe in another thread.

And also… When being innovative, I’d rather do it as a surprise, such as #21, where the cacher has been trained not to look for something unusual. If every container had been unusual, but then it would have become humdrum.

Isn’t it fantastic that all use cache owners have different ideas about what makes a good trail? That ensures diversity and interest to all cachers. Be a boring old world if we all did things exactly the same, now wouldn’t it?

Hobo – the six month thing. I don’t mind this at all, it gives me impetus to go and do it. And I disagree that a letterbox walk doesn’t make a good geocache walk, and I’ve done plenty of both. I’d like to hear your opinion on why you think they’re so different.