Reply To: Why so few dartmoor trails?


In response to the initial question, I think perhaps the “Dartmoor” trails (and there are a few) are completely different to the others, in that they require a lot more commitment, and are a serious walk which casual hikers mostly aren’t bothered with.

I enjoy both types (especially the remote Dartmoor trails), but must say I have never actually followed a “Dartmoor” trail all the way through, and instead tend to combine these caches with other caches to create my own walk.

To create a “well visited” trail on the moor would require close hides, a shortish walk close to the road, paths, and a fairly sheltered location (like Bellever Forest), which doesn’t really tie in with the high moors which are remote, inaccessible, wild, wet and usually raining – or the people who visit them who are perhaps more committed to going further for a cache, like Dartmoor Dave’s series.