Reply To: Throwdowns – A CO's Nightmare

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

Agreeing with the CO to maintain or replace a cache in advance is not the same as throwing down a cache because you cannot find it. If the practice of throwdowns stopped there would be no pressure on COs to accept a find. I agree that “bully boy tactics” (not my words) are a bit emotive but the point BB was making is perfectly valid.

I only used Cave Trolls Lair as an example as it was mentioned to me twice on the same day, but I am sure that many who had reached the cave and found the cache would be disappointed that others who had not, still claimed a find. It really does devalue their efforts.

As LB specifically mentioned the bishopflyer log I have read it again. My interpretation is that her note to the CO was not because of the throwdown, but because she had not actually gone to the cave, but waited below – but that’s a completely different discussion 🙂