Reply To: Throwdowns – A CO's Nightmare


Many thanks to reb10 for returning this interesting thread to some form of normality with some witty repartee!
While I agree wholeheartedly with Dave’s abhorrence of throwdowns, and sympathise with him for the inconvenience he suffered to right the wrong at Smallacombe Bottom, I feel duty bound to spring to the defence of the cachers who deposited a 35mm film pot at The Cave Trolls Lair. bishopflyer’s log clearly states ”I have contacted the CO and will change this to a smiley later on if he’s happy with that” ….Which I am presuming he must be, as her log now has a smiley next to it!!
I’m afraid I find myself disagreeing completely with Brentorboxer’s rather dramatic sweeping sentiments on the subject. ”The more in the party the more difficult it is for the CO to delete the logs”? I once had a very large volume of ”virtual discoveries” on one of my Geocoins…….It didn’t cause me any difficulty hitting my delete button repeatedly! As for ”Bully boy tactics”…………..I’ll let you defend that one to Red.Roaming, Dartmoor deliverer, Ky Devas and bishopflyer (all extremely scary, bully boys in need of a quick find fix)
There are some examples of throwdowns being LEGITIMATE! Love ’em or hate them some Power Trail CO’s positively encourage finders to replace damaged or missing pots with new ones by carrying a supply around with you!
Personally I have contacted Trail CO’s in the past prior to attempting their trails asking if they would like me to replace any missing caches. Some CO’s have agreed to this, even furnishing me with mobile phone numbers to confirm GZ’s on route. This way, a finder can also act legitimately as a surrogate CO saving the ”real” CO the inconvenience of a maintenance trip. I’ve also made lasting caching friendships doing this, and the favours are often reciprocated (and drinks swapped at the next local event!) I cast my mind back to one of the very first thread topics on this site where Dave himself was encouraging cachers visiting the Moor to co-operate and help CO’s of remote caches by undertaking essential primary maintenance on caches in trouble – I guess sometimes there is a thin line between one cachers maintenance visit and another’s ”two pot smiley”
In answer to Dave’s ”Is caching coming to this? Log finds at all costs!!”………OF COURSE IT’S NOT!
I logged THREE DNF logs on Birder Ces’s ”Whipton Village” this week in THREE DAYS! The middle of which involved not even getting out of the car as there were a group of drunk feral youths adjacent to the GZ…………..Guess I could always have lobbed a film pot at them!!!
Cache On!