Reply To: The DNF Lament

Avatar photodartymoor


“I see you both take offense to someone logging a DNF on your caches (or at least attempt to ridicule them on a forum). ”

I think you misinterpreted what I said too – I most certainly did not take offence at your DNF, nor even at you complaining about the mud! Read what I wrote please. I even explained why abandoning a series and saying why was ok. I’m secure enough that from all the good logs on that series that most people have enjoyed it and that’s enough for me, and I certainly don’t blame you for abandoning. The ONLY thing I’m miffed about is the scrote who keeps stealing #8. Replacing it for a second time today, and if it goes again I’ll have to archive.

I also disagree with DD about difficulty. 30 minutes for a D2? So a D5 would take at least 2.5 hours of searching on the spot? Do I need to take a tent and rations? 😮 I take perhaps10 minutes before a DNF, far less if it’s an area with people in or I feel uncomfrotable searching. As explained before, it’s mostly about the walk, the place or the story for me, not about the physical act of looking under stones.

That said, mentioning searching time is a bit redundant. I could take 30 minutes searching for something and not find it, and the next person walk up and spot it from 30′ away, or vice-versa. I feel after 10 minutes I’m either going to spot it or not. Sometimes going away and trying again has helped, but if not – well, there’s plenty other green boxes on my maps to try.