Reply To: The DNF Lament

Tamerton Chocolates

DD/Dartymoor – I am quite happy for you to mention my name in this topic.

I see you both take offense to someone logging a DNF on your caches (or at least attempt to ridicule them on a forum).

I am not sure why it is hard for you to accept that not everyone likes the same sort of caches (or indeed may have a different reason for doing geocaching then yourselves). In my case I simply cannot be bothered nor want to spend more then a few minutes searching for a cache. I also don’t think I have ever “blamed” a CO in this case either (Dartymoor explicitly states himself that the GPS reception is “fuzzy” – those are his words and not mine).

But fair enough I shall abstain from leaving any logs other then a TFTC should I come across a box of yours again 🙂