Reply To: The DNF Lament

Avatar photodartymoor

What I’ve noticed, and it’s only from a few, is that any problem with GPS accuracy is the cache-owner’s fault. Even when I’ve used waypoint averaging to get the most accurate coordinates possible, someone comes along with a smartphone under the trees and if it’s not where *their* equipment says it should be, it’s my fault!

Vast majority are people who, even if they think it’s not their fault, are neutral or even accept responsibility (“It’s probably me”). Although I got 3 yesterday from someone sounding very grumpy about mud (description mentions it clearly), poor coords (very high find ratio from others) and old data on their GPS (although they did say that wasn’t my fault) and they abandoned the series. But! I can understand that, having aborted a series myself because I wasn’t “feeling the fun”, and the route caused a couple of significant double-backs, but that’s fine.

Stopping when you realise it’s not fun right now is a good thing, no?