Reply To: The DNF Lament

Avatar photodartymoor

Of course I can disagree with you, it just means I have to disagree with Groundspeak as well…

Those guidelines are nonsense. Even allowing for luck and experience, there’s no such thing as an “average cache hunter”. 30 minutes is far longer than most people would try – and that’s only a 2? By all means keep the 5 for those that require it, but spread out the curve a little.

I’ve found a 4/4 and I’ve never spent 30 minutes searching for a single cache. And GC2N47N – you’ve mentioned that one yourself. That’s 2.5 and took me less than a minute when at GZ.

I very often don’t read DT’s before setting out – pretty sure I play the game differently to you, and even if it mattered, I don’t care who’s right or wrong, as long as I’m still enjoying it. 🙂

As for the thread origin, GP #8 was in place and coords are accurate (rechecked today), although it had been entirely covered in pine needles and difficult to find without sweeping the whole area. Rehid and amended clue a little.