Reply To: So what should we write in a log?


Afaik I’ve only logged as just “TFTC” once (for a “liar cache” for which, while I’d found it, I didn’t want to contribute to the ongoing myth), but sometimes it’s quite hard to think of anything interesting to say about a stand-alone drive-by in the form of a micro on the back of a road sign.

For a long series, where the caches themselves aren’t very interesting but serve as an excuse for a good long walk somewhere nice, I tend to comment on the walk instead of the caches eg “Cool view coming up the hill”, “Nearly fell off the wobbly stile”, “Got glared at by evil maybe-a-vampire sheep” etc etc. It only takes seconds to write a quick note on the crib sheet and then I’ve got something to refer to when I do the online logs at home.