Reply To: So what should we write in a log?

Avatar photoGoldenHaystack

I write my logs as I feel about a cache. So if the cache is boring litter as many now are, it deserves the log entry it gets. If there is a maintenance issue I always say. I nearly always put in a poem or song lyric that I think is relevent to the cache in some way to make the cache owner’s mail a little more interesting. It’s very sad a cache owner felt they needed to add a ‘Logging Etiquette’ clause to the cache page. Maybe he/she should consider making their caches more deserving of a good log entry, it works both ways. Of course, one has to remember that the interweb is an open door and anyone can come in, there are plenty in the world who have not been taught to respect the efforts of others. Just relax and take it as it comes. GH.