Reply To: Should We Log Our Own Caches!

Avatar photoDartmoor Dave

Mark, this topic wasn’t started to point a finger at you, but was already in existence. I get notified of all archived caches (so that I can create the end of year stats) and I noticed that you logged a find every time you archived a cache. I thought this was a very strange practice worthy of note 🙂

Of course it’s a game, but every game has it’s rules and geocaching seems to be a particularly competitive game, so it’s important that everybody plays by the same rules.

I think most people find the statistics really interesting which is why they used to get them put on their profile, but now, of course, it’s all done automatically. I hope to produce an even more complete set of stats at the end of 2012, it will be interesting to see how it compares with 2011, but already we seem to be getting many more caches placed (and presumably found).