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Avatar photoreb10

Well i’ve got mixed feelings about this, as someone who through my own stupidity has been out of work for the last 20 months, caching has given me something to do when there is nothing else to do. And as someone who does not drive i often walk for miles to get one cache (yesterday i walked for 6 miles to get one cache). And without the very good friend that is pearlywhirly i would have to walk (i often do) a long way to get onto the moors from Ivybridge or South Brent which is the only way for me most of the year from Torbay if i am venturing onto the moors by myself.
But i do still think that there are areas of the moor that have too many caches close together, even duplicating nearby caches. But like others if i am walking in the area i will find the caches, so in other words if there is a cache there i will try to find it whatever i feel about there being ‘too many Caches’.